About me

The word Wahine means Woman, Priestess, Queen, Young girl and Goddess in polynesian and maori language. I came across it travelling in New Zeeland, where it was used in a way of empowering and
honor the woman. I made it into Wahini because I wanted to make it my own and give the word a new meaning.

Wahini is the Wild Woman inside of us, the One Who Knows, the one who is a sexual being but does not carry shame about it. She is the mother, the sister, the daughter and grandmother who is initiated into the blood mysteries of being a woman, of shedding her endometrium on a cyclical basis. She teaches Fertility Awareness and Body Literacy through having us look inside of us for that knowledge.

Wahini wants to bring back the ancient knowledge of Goddess worship, Priestess hood and create an awareness that the temple is our body in all its fruitfulness and with all its nectars.

Disa Mineur, the founder of Wahini as a concept of creating fertility awareness, is an energetic and skilled woman. She works with people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. She will spread the knowledge about fertility awareness through her workshops, Sex Ed classes and private coaching sessions. Her greatest passion in life is to be able to pass on information that can empower and enlighten people in their reproductive lives.

Disa has six years of studies within the field of holistic medicine and three years within reproductive health. In the fall of 2018, she will be a certified Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse International. As an HRHP  Disa will teach the symphto-thermal Justisse method of fertility awareness. She will do holistic health coaching and work with infertility as well as helping women coming off synthetic birth control. As an HRHP she will also be a part of a greater community that works daily with women’s health and natural birth control.

Disa is a skilled speaker, she is giving lectures on fertility awareness, teaching Sex Ed classes and private coaching sessions as well as host workshops and womens circles.