The fall of 2018 will offer three different group venues for learning Fertility Awareness and Body Literacy:

Local- Järna/ Gnesta/ Stockholm area: We meet live every second week to share and learn FA combined with mystic breath dance. This course is taught in Swedish.
Sweden/ Stockholm partly online tribe: We meet for a days workshop for initiation into FA and mystic breath dance while the rest of the sessions are online if the group does not decide anything different. This course is taught in Swedish.
World Wide tribe: This is an all online course where we meet over zoom, yet creating an environment of holding, support and intimacy. This course is taught in English.
The courses will run from the beginning of October to middle of December as well as include one Group Follow up Session in the start of 2019. New groups start to run again in February 2019 if you want to sign up already!
More detailed information about the whole course below…

Womans Journey

Are you interested in having a birth control method that is free from hormones or other invasive treatments? Are you curious about how your fertility and hormones work? Do you want to live in
harmony with your cycles?

This is a program that will enlighten you on the path of Fertility Awareness and have you befriend your cyclical body on a deeper level.
If you are not heterosexual, there is still the benefits of gaining body literacy and learn to surf your hormones.
Join me and a group of like minded women, for ten weeks this fall to share and deepen your love for your fertile body.


The 10 week Fertility Awareness Program teaches you how to observe, chart and make sense of three main fertile signs:

Cervical Mucus observations

Basal Body Temperature

& Cervical position

The program is divided into 10 X 90 minute sessions, where a small group of women meet online to learn body literacy and fertility awareness in a safe and held environment.

The Swedish/ Local group will meet live in my workshop for a 1 day introductory workshop for those who can make it. The rest of the sessions will be online if we don´t decide for anything else within the group. 


Each meeting will contain a guided womb meditation practice, education about FA (fertility awareness), how to chart, taking turns sharing charts, self care instructions and time for questions.

We will be in movement and in stillness, exploring our feminine wounds and the wonders of being a woman through exercises and sharing.

We will cover the topics of:

Male and female reproductive anatomy

Male and female hormones

The female menstrual cycle

Fertility Awareness

Charting (and all the rules that come with it=)

Herbs for women

Yoni steaming and the benefits

Yeast infections/ urine way infections and how to treat them Holistically

Daily Self Care practices

Wild Mystic Breath Dance

And many other things!

You receive 1 book and 5 charts as a part of the start kit. The kit will be sent to you by mail before hand so that you can get familiar with the material.

Towards the end of the course you will have a 45 minute private consultation where we look exclusively at your charts.


No matter if you are already charting or if you have never even heard about FA before, you are welcome to join this course and become familiar with your bodies fertile signs and learn how you can use that as contraception or to conceive naturally.


The Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness is 99.6% safe, using pearl index. That means safer than both the birth control pill and condoms, but it also means that the method is as safe as you make it. It demands of you to take responsibility for your fertility. You take your fertility and the protection against, for example unwanted pregnancies, into your own hands.


547€ (including taxes) payed before 30thof September

198€ (including taxes) per month for three months as a payment plan

Payments are made through Transfer wise or to my Swedish bank account

All information of where and how to pay comes with the invoice.


Long to share with like minded women in a group setting

Feel open to share my charts and experiences in a group

Are willing to look at my body, my sexuality and my

fertility in a new way

Want to be moved physically and emotionally as I dive deeper into my own depths

Want to be 100% confident in using FA as contraception

Wants to learn when to time sex to conceive naturally

Wants to learn when to time sex to not get pregnant without using any other birth control than FA.

Can commit to be present during the ten sessions (or as many as possible), to learn and support other women in learning as well as do my charting accurately and regularly in between the sessions.

Is curious about ways to holistically enhance my health through supplements, herbs and life style choices.

WHERE? On zoom.

WHEN?  We meet one night a week. Example tuesdays between 19-20.30. The course will start the second week of October.

There will be one course in english and one in Swedish!

(This is an example, we will find the time/ date that is most beneficial for the group)


Through e-mailing me at: 


If you do not already know me, I am Disa, founder of Wahini Wild Woman and lover of the Divine Feminine. I am passionate about sharing FA with women since this knowledge brings power. Without having to rely on birth control pills, IUDs or fertility apps etc you take charge of your fertility and give yourself the greatest gift ever- Reproductive Self Sufficiency.

I have just graduated as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and through my own healing journey, I have gained a lot of wisdoms that I am ready to share with a greater community of women.

Welcome into a world of wonder- Your Own Body