I create workshops that will fit the context. That means I will adjust to working with all different ages, ethnic beloning and cultural backgrounds. In schools, corporations, institutions, associations and organisations. I lecture in two languages, English and Swedish. The workshop can be everything from 1 hour to one day.

Price: please contact me for prices.


In a private session we can address anything from fertile days, natural birth control, Basal Body Temperature, chartings apps, gut health, autoimmunity and thyroid health to the ability to conceive, nutrition and sexual explorations.  I offer a safe setting, we either meet over Skype or in real life in my studio. I work with holistic health and fertility coaching, I am not a certified doctor or midwife.

Prices:900 kr ex. taxes, for a 1,5 hour starting session. Follow ups will normally be 45 min- 1 hour and can be payed sliding scale depending on your economy.


Sex Ed is mainly for a school setting and can be adapted to all ages. Good sexual education is proven to give our young population better tools to handle STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

I teach a minimum of three hours and prefer one whole day of work as I travel to teach.

Prices: 900 kr per hour (excluding taxes). The price can depend on the economy of the school, please contact me for more information.

Check out my Kickstarter campaign to promote better sex.ed for youth; Sex.ed


Do you and some friends want me to come to your living room and give a talk on fertility, fruitful bodies and sexual anatomy? We plan the night together and you do the event and invitations. How many you want to gather is up to you and if you are anywhere outside of the Stockholm area, I will have to charge for the trip. The session will be 3 hours including a break.

Prices: 3000 kr including tax and travels. So if you gather 10 friends, it´s just 300 per person.

Ex; Travels within Stockholm area: 100 kr

Travels within Sweden: 1500-2000 kr